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Lightning Clipper

Dan Leigh Delta Kites

Kites listed by type
Standard deltas
Extended keel deltas
Clipped wing deltas
Hybrid deltas

Standard deltas

This is the generic term I use to describe deltas with the straight triangular geometry of the Greek letter delta. The wing tips and the end of the wing root lie on a straight line (left hand plan in picture). The straight trailing edge ones present the purest, simplest shape in the sky - a perfect triangle. Scalloping the trailing edge doesn't change the fundamental underlying geometry. These kites do everything well, and fly with benchmark qualities.

Standard Delta

The "Standard Deltas" in the catalog are:

Extended Keel Deltas

This is the simplest modification to the basic standard delta geometry; just extend the center spine and wing root to the rear, leaving everything else the same (see middle picture) except the towing point. On the right sized kite, this can give some structural advantages compared to a clipwing. The frame can be stiff while using a smaller diameter spreader, for instance, if the kite is designed just right.

Extended Keel Delta"Extended Keel Deltas"

Clipped wing deltas

This type follows the geometry of the standard delta, except that a small part of the plan is "erased" or cut off from the wing tip area, just as if it were chopped off, spar and all (see right hand picture). The shorter spars are that much less likely to flex too much in gusts.
Sometimes most of this fabric is left as flaps on the trailing edges, which act as stabilizers. This pattern is useful for both fresh wind and light wind designs, the differences being in frame weight and towing point. For low anxiety flying in fresh breezes my "R-series" kites have high stability and stiff wing spars. The flaps compensate for the loss of stability from the stiff spars. For light winds the Carbon Flyers have maximum surface area, and the flaps help them to virtually hang in the air in lulls. This is one of the earliest forms of the fabric delta, and it appeals especially to those for whom maximum stability is synonymous with a good kite.

the "Clipped Wing Deltas" in the catalog are:Clipped Wing Delta

Hybrid Deltas

This is a catch-all group with kites that are a mix or blend of two or more types.

Radical Clipwings

"Radical Clipwings" are a special hybrid subgroup. They have their own set of proportions. It is another group of kites with exceptional handling qualities. They have very high nose angles, and their towing points are set further aft than any other of my designs. Their short wing spars (lower mass) give tighter and quicker turning. Their deceptively large wing area combined with the aft towing point generates astonishing pull - they are surprisingly efficient.

the Radical Clipwing group consists of:Radical Clipwing

Hybrid Deltas

Hybrid Delta

Blended Delta

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