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delta kite designs

designing light wind kites since 1974

54 Osborne Road
Pontypool, Gwent, Wales NP4 6LX, UK
Voice: (+44/0)1495 750875
(10:00am to 5:00pm UK time only, please)

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high flying delta kites made to order for high flyers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . designed with passion and crafted with precision

Deltas enable serious kite flyers to achieve high altitudes and steep flying angles in light winds and thermals.

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Comments from customers

Hi Dan. Today I took out my new kite to train my falcon. It seemed that the winds were far too light to attempt a flight. Nevertheless, I tried, and to my amazement the kite took my falcon food up at a nearly vertical angle. I was amazed! I am now convinced that you could design a kite that would fly in a vacuum. Thanks again. Your fan, -W.M.
Hi Dan, kite arrived Thursday, flew Friday, both tiercels to 300ft., very little wind; the kite's perfect. Thanks very much. -N.
Hi Dan. Just to say that both kites arrived safely yesterday. Flew the whirlwind in a very light wind and the slightly lighter material makes a real difference. It went up beautifully. The falcon is now ranging out over half a mile or so to find lift, then coming back to hit the lure at approx. 800 ft. He's put on at least an ounce of muscle and is so fit and full of himself. The difference is extraordinary. Many thanks again. It's a beautiful thing you do. -P.S.
I bought a 10-ft. Dan Leigh Carbon Classic from ITW last summer. The kite is the one I fly the most where I live as the winds are usually light (2 to 6 mph). The Carbon Classic is a suburb flier, rock steady in the sky, parks itself right above your head. Yes, the Carbon Classic is expensive, but it is not made in China. I understand Dan makes the kite himself in Wales and he personally signs every one of them. He is very proud of his creation and I feel I am privileged to own one. Reward yourself for a job well done or a goal accomplished, put the Carbon Classic on your Birthday or Christmas list. You won't be disappointed. I will buy another. Note: My kite came with carbon rod spars and not wooden dowels; a plus as far as I am concerned. - L.W., Sichuan, PRC (note: Carbon Classic is the old name for the CC345)
I should like to order my sons some more of your kites. The two you sent have been marvelous... The Africans around want to know what magic the boys use to keep the kites up! - Mrs. D.B., Harare, Zimbabwe (25 January, 1987)
Hi Mr. Leigh, I tried your kite and it flies in low wind as I would never have thought possible. Thank you for your stunning piece of work. - T.R. (Clipper S)
Thanks for making the best kites in the world. -S.H.
Hi Dan, I got the kite. It flies like a dream. A million thank you's and Happy New Year. -W.M.
Yesterday I had a tremendous flight with the ultra light Little Bear on 30lb. line, just a trace of a breeze and a sky full of white billowy clouds. What else could you ask for? -L.G.
Today I took out my new kite to train my falcon. It seemed that the winds were far too light to attempt a flight. Nevertheless, I tried, and to my amazement the kite took my falcon food up at a nearly vertical angle. I was amazed! I am now convinced that you could design a kite that would fly in a vacuum. Thanks again. Your fan, B.M. (Clipper GPX)
Dan Leigh kites are the only ones I ever use anymore. They are light years better than any I have seen. - D.S. (pioneer in kite training technique for falcons)
Hi Dan. The kites arrived today in perfect shape. They are beautiful. Thank you. Dan Leigh could put a man on the moon. All he would need is one of his kites and enough string. -W.M.
Yes I received them Saturday AM, I've so far taken the Wildcard out for a fly at 1000ft; wow that thing flies near vertical. Great work. Kind Regards, A.C.
Hi Guys. Received the kite on Friday. Had it up flying every day since. Its works perfectly. Thanks for the prompt delivery. Much appreciated. -A.T.
You have spoiled me with your kites. I can hardly bear to use a substitute. I am a very demanding bird trainer. I need kites that can fly 1500 to 1800 ft consistently as yours do. The Clipper and the Wildcard that you made for me were two very important pieces of equipment to me. They were lost last winter in a ridiculous accident. I would like to purchase those two kites again. -J.K.
There were light wind days when it was the only kite flying and I must have had 20 people ask me about it... Being the owner of more than 40 assorted kites, I would just like to say that the Carbon Classic (CC345) is by far the best made and greatest flying kite that I own. -T.G.
I (had) to fly Saturday in 25 mph with the new, tail mounted kite, because the winds were just too gusty. However, even with a tail, and the 200 lb spider wire, it went up at a steep angle. Better than I ever experienced with the previous, bridled, high wind kite. -R.R. (Trooper RS)
A few years ago I was lucky enough to buy 5 of your kites... I can't begin to describe the life-saving, stress reducing fun they give me. -A.D.

It's a very small workshop; we can only make kites one or two at a time.

It's a small workshopIt's a small workshop
We use Pfaff dual-feed domestic sewing machines with the emphasis on precision, rather than speed.
So, as the sign in the 4B's Cafe (Black Canyon, Arizona) says: if you can't wait - please don't order!

Please note: My kites are not designed to withstand being flown in too much wind, crashed at high speed, dragged along rough ground, stepped on, run over by vehicles, crashed into sharp and/or solid objects, or pulled through trees and off power lines, etc.
First and foremost the kites have to fly (not necessarily a given with store-bought kites), and a prerequisite for all flight is light weight. Made from the best light weight fabrics available, light wind kites are delicate structures; they are not indestructable. If they are to endure, they must be handled with care and not subjected to abuse of any description. - DL

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