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Winders for falconers

Rutland Jumbo Reels

Some British falconers report success with the relatively inexpensive electric fence-wire reels made for farmers by Rutland Electric Fencing Co Ltd, available from argricultural engineers.

Rutland Jumbo ReelsRutland Jumbo electric fencing reel

The Rutland Model 19-190B Jumbo Reel is shown here (above, right) mounted on the optional Model 19-192C "Short Mounting Post" (recommended - Rutland's "Lightweight Reel System" doesn't clamp onto the post securely enough.)

Rutland Reel Rewinder

Contact Rutland Electric Fencing for a stockist near you:
Pillings Road Industrial Estate
Oakham, Rutland, UK
LE15 6QF
22 Market Street, Brechin
Angus, Scotland
Tel: 01572 722558 & 722455
Fax: 01572 757614
e-mail: refcosales.a@ukonline.co.uk
Tel & fax: 01356 624109

Chris Finn

These are no longer available here in the UK, but may be available in America soon, if not already
Chris Finn Winder

Durable nylon-framed winches with aluminum hubs

Chris now resides in California, where he will continue making reels. The last I heard was that once production is under way a new version will be available from:
North Woods Falconry

Ed Schaub Tome, New Mexico

Ed Schaub winderThere used to be a web site for Ed Schaub's kite winch for falconry (and kite flying)
Finished winders or construction plans were available
but the link seems dead these days.

http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Trails/6037/kite_winch.htm (?)
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