Strong Coastlock Snap Swivels

176lb Ball Bearing Coastlock Swivel

176lb-test MustadTM ball bearing swivel with coastlock snap

Mustad 77252 176lb/80kg BS with welded O-rings made in Norway
  • This swivel is a perfect size for flying kites on 125 ± 25 lb. lines
  • Manufacturing with high quality materials and strict quality control ensures strength and durability
  • Not too difficult to open and shut

Length: 3¼ inches (8.1cm)
Weight: 6.7 grams (0.23 ounce)

Genuine Mustad
Mighty-Mini Coastlock Swivel

270lb-test Mighty-MiniTM coastlock snap swivel

Made in USA
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Tiny, yet extremely strong
  • Could be very difficult for some hands to open and shut

Length: 2¼ inches (5.6cm)
Weight: 2.2 grams (0.078 ounce)

Japanese Ball Bearing Coastlock Snap Swivel

Cabela'sTM premium coastlock ball-bearing swivel

Made in Japan Seems conservatively rated at "175lb BS" by its US supplier - these chunky snaps are rather more difficult to open than the Mustads!

  • Single welded O-ring, direct link to snap
  • Big and strong, seems built to last
  • Could be quite difficult for arthritic hands to open and shut

Length: 2¾ inches (7cm)
Weight: 6.4 grams (0.226 ounce)

A 176lb Mustad at the top compared with...
Ball Bearing Swivel Comparison
...the 175lb Cabela's below—its wire snap must have been formed after being threaded directly through the swivel (thus eliminating the extra interconnecting ring)

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