Interlock Snap Links on Crane Swivels

"Crane" denotes the swivel design; "interlock" is the snap link design.

Old-timers at the Round Pond in London's Kensington Gardens recommended interlock swivels, because they wouldn't pull open (in gusts or trees).

Old Crane Interlock on Gabriel ReelWe have been using a couple of the original heavy duty brass versions of these since the mid-1970s, and we've been supplying them for longer than any of the others.
Medium Crane Interlocks Large Crane Interlocks

1) Medium: for 50-75lb line
Black Nickel

Length: 2¼ inches (5.7cm)
Weight: 2.6 grams (0.092 ounce)
Wire dia: 1.0mm

The swivels on these new "medium" Crane Interlocks are physically
bigger than Varivas 250 pounders - they are massive, and the high
quality steel wire on the snaps feels very strong.
(Bev can't even open one.)

2) Large: for 88-110lb line

Length: 2 9/16 inches (6.5cm)
Weight: 3.9 grams (0.138 ounce)
Wire dia: 1.2mm

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