All kites are made to order upon receipt of payment in full, which must be in UK pounds ONLY. Orders are completed and shipped in the order in which payment is received. Large orders and/or special designs may be started upon receipt of a minimum deposit of 40% (refundable up to the start of the job - after that, non-refundable), but won't be shipped until the balance is received.


You can pay on-line using PayPal or NoChex
· NoChex is UK only


Cheques are still the norm, postal/money orders, cash (by special delivery or registered mail, though sending cash through the post is risky and not strictly legal).

*Incorrect payments will be corrected on the invoice or with a refund (cheque or on-line)

Please make cheques, money orders payable to "Dan Leigh"

On-line with NoChex and PayPal with credit or debit card

Contact me with your requirements and preferences in writing by post (preferably), or telephone during normal working hours
I will send a NoChex or PayPal invoice by e-mail

click here for the NoChex web site ] [ click here for the PayPal UK web site ]


>PayPal - pay in UK Pounds (GBP) with a credit or debit card

>Alternatively, international bank drafts and money orders

International drafts and money orders must be in UK pounds (GBP)

USA - if you have a problem with your local bank, you can get money orders in British pounds (GBP) from Reusch International:

Reusch International
700 11th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001-4507
Phone: (800) 424-2923

Please make drafts, money orders payable to "Dan Leigh"

>Or use your local Western Union

With Western Union you must provide:

Inter-bank electronic money transfers

For more information go to: the Ordering Information Page

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