Light Whirlwind

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Carbon Replacements for the Original Whirlwind and Wildcard

Further changes to these specifications cannot be ruled out!
Below: the picture colors are for illustration only

Carbon Whirlwind102-104% Carbon Whirlwind
Nominal span ~104 to 106 inches/2.59-2.69m (on paper, flat). The last 5.5mm carbon spars tested in the standard sized test kite were excellent, but they turned out to be yet another discontinued size (!), so it looks like one way forward will be a (scaled-up) version using one of two currently available 5.5mm dia. carbon fiber tubes for the wing spars. Two prototypes are being test flown currently, and one more is planned. The one bigger by 108% seems too light, and not in a good way.

96% Carbon Whirlwind96% Carbon Whirlwind
~96in/2.44m span. A good flyer, this one will probably be developed further even if the scaled up versions prove to be good. The next one, at some point, will likely be the same size, but with scallops more closely proportioned to the original. Its advantage is that the 5mm carbon rods in its leading edges are almost unbreakable.

The nose angle is the same 100º used on all Whirlwinds. This prototype has the 60 inch radius of the Standard Whirlwind. To be exactly in proportion it would need a radius of 57.6 inches). The wing spars in this one are the same 5mm unidirectional carbon rods used in the R6, which are almost unbreakable.

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WildcardCarbon Wildcard

The next Wildcard will probably be scaled up by the factor chosen for the Whirlwind, namely 2 to 4%, and have have 5.5mm carbon fiber tube wing spars.

One of the test kites has been the best Wildcard we have ever made, but unfortunalely it is not reproduceable. (The carbon wing spars are no longer made, and the center spine and spreader strut are Ramin hardwood, which is not as good as it once was, forcing me to switch to carbon.)

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