7cm Light Alloy Mini Carabiners

7cm Carabiner Clips

Singing RockTM Mini Pear Carabiners

  • Made to a high standard in the Czech Republic from hardened alloy with anodized finish and laser-etched branding
  • Snap gates have a solid feel, with strong springs and no sideways free play
  • Overall smooth finish

Weight: just under 15.2 grams - about half an ounce
Length: 2¾ inches (7cm)
Assorted colors

Locking Carabiner

7cm StubaiTM Screwgate Mini Carabiners
locking alternative to the Singing Rock 7cm carabiner
From Austria

  • very similar in quality to the Singing Rocks

Weight: 16.2 grams - about 0.6 of an ounce
Length: 2¾ inches (7cm)
Color: anodized black