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NOTE: current US Post Office restrictions

Parcels over 1.05m long (ie. my kites) can not be mailed to the USA using air parcel post or any other Royal Mail service, meaning we can only deliver to the US via couriers such as FedEx.

Courier charges are based on "volumetric weight." Since we don't have standardized packaging, a two-step payment process is used.
Customers pay for kites with an initial installment; when they are finished and packed the balance is paid with a second installment.
Thanks to PayPal this procedure is easy and quick.

Delivery - for post & packing jump to relevant section:

United Kingdom European Community Rest of world and USA
delivery options delivery options delivery options

Mainland UK

NOTE: Delivery charges include VAT

Line, spools, release linkages, clips, swivels, rings, mini carabiners, etc. - see relevant sections in Line & Winders catalog

New pricing as of 2 April

Parcelforce Express48 - post & packing including full insurance and VAT
for parcels under 2kg in weight
Value up to £100: £12.00
Value up to £200: £13.50
Value up to £300: £18.00
for parcels under 5kg in weight
Value up to £300: £19.00
For each additional £100 in value insurance adds £4.50

Someone must be at the delivery address to avoid additional redelivery charges

Important delivery information:
On delivery look over the parcel before you sign for it as "RECIEVED IN GOOD CONDITION". If this is signed when the goods are damaged we can't make a claim or get any compensation. If there's obvious damage to the contents don't open the parcel. Have it returned. Damage needs to be officially inspected prior to a claim.

EU countries

Delivery charges include VAT by law
For countries accepting parcels 1.5m in length
Shipping options:
1. Default delivery: FedEx World Express on a per-order basis - fully trackable - charges based on volumetric weight include full insurance by default - requires on-line payment in two installments*
2. Alternative: Royal Mail Parcelforce 48 (5 days to EU, tracking, and cheapest insurance charges) - same on-line payment as above

*With the volumetric weight system the shipping charge for an express delivery will not be known until the order is completed and packed, at which time the second (final) installment will be invoiced. Orders are accepted after receipt of an initial installment, usually the value of the order. Thanks to Paypal, this is easy and quick.

Please include the telephone number when sending the delivery address

Rest of world

For countries accepting parcels 1.5m in length (not USA)
Default delivery is by courier, usually FedEx - charges are based on volumetric weights plus insurance - parcels are trackable - requires payment in two installments using PayPal
Orders are accepted after the first installment and shipped after the second

Please include the telephone number with the delivery address


No Royal Mail/US Postal Service services possible (i.e. air mail, Global Priority, DataPost)
Customers purchase kites with one installment, and after they are built and packed the balance will be invoiced in a second installment. This on-line process quick and easy with PayPal.
Delivery is by courier, usually FedEx World Express
Charges are based on volumetric weight and include full insurance
Fully trackable

US Postal Service regulations

Parcels over 1.05m long are not postable, meaning we can not use standard Royal Mail services, such as Air Parcel Post, to deliver kites to the USA.

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