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Home-made releases attached to kite towing rings

Quite a few new kites have been lost forever from lines breaking where a clip or ring was attached. NEVER clip clips or cord grips directly onto flying lines, or simply loop any sort of rings on with a Larkshead Hitch. A tightly stretched line can snap with very little provocation at any little nick, or at the wrong type of knot, or at a pinch - any "stress concentration" where pressure is concentrated on a tiny area. Many common knots weaken lines by more than 50%. See the Knots page for special loop knots that don't seriously weaken lines.

Linkage Using a Clothes Peg

Some falconers swear by clothes pegs as shown below, saying they're are very positive and dead reliable, once trimmed.

Original devised and sketched by Debbie Davenport of The Falconry Centre (Hagley).

Clothes-peg method

This low-tech method is reportedly 100% reliable once adjusted (or trimmed) for the right amount of grip.

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