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Over the years we have been aware of counterfeit copies of our kites. We no longer rebuild kites clearly made by others, even if claimed to have been sold as ours. Incidentally there are also at least two "plans" in books and magazine articles with incorrect or inaccurate lines or dimensions.

Please note:The sizes of fiberglass and some of the carbon fiber rods and tubes used in most of my medium sized kites are no longer being made, and there is none of the old spars left. There are no 1:1 substitutes, and no other UK manufacturers making similar tubing. After making and testing incrementally larger and smaller kites with different wing spars, testing in different winds over last few years, and at last finding the optimum increase in size for the Whirlwind and therefore (most likely) the Wildcard and R7, too, the new carbon for those prototypes was also discontinued, at least for the foreseeable future.

I have a standing order for more, but have not heard any news since before the COVID-19 lockdown. There is a long time lag between the start and finish of any batch of tubing, because it has to spend a couple of months curing, and it may well be that if I were able to order a minimum order of at least 1,000 meters of each size, I could get it, but the sad fact is that's not going to happen. Apparently I was the only customer for some of the smaller sizes of rod and tube, and it's not economical to continue to manufacture them in the tiny quantities I need.

By next year there should be new one or two new sections herein for designing and making deltas, including all the derivatives of John Loy and Harold Alexander's mathematical towing point equation, covering standard deltas, non-isoceles shapes, single curve and double curve scallops on trailing edges. Technical glitches, locating some of the source materials, and changes in life due to health issues have slowed this down, but it has been started.

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